You would agree that technological evolution has positively affected many things; the facets and outlook of many food businesses did not escape this change. This is also seen in different works of life; in different companies of Swedish online reviews.  Technology integration in many domains has been a major driving force in their success stories as long as they embrace it with good enough knowledge and a rich dose of tact.

Particularly, the food industries in Sweden and the world have stuck their hands out enough and developed visible changes due to technology adoption. Narrowing this down to food-ordering apps in Sweden, some outlets are doing better than others, and you can get some of the best foods and drinks in Sweden from them.

A List Of Better Apps To Order Foods From In Sweden

1. GrubHub

GrubHub is a US company founded in 2014 as a delivery platform and an online food tech. Over the years, it has secured a good space for itself in the Swedish food delivery platform ecosystem. Now, it has connections with many local food outlets in Sweden and other countries across Europe. GrubHub offers its subscribers a nice food menu to choose from and has them delivered to their preferred locations. It competes with many Swedish apps.

2. Just Eat

Just Eat has its headwaters in London. However, it’s very much active in Sweden and other European countries. The unique thing about this app is its variety and pool of options to choose from. It doesn’t matter if a customer is Chinese, Italian, or Canadian. It has food options that range from chicken dishes to meatballs to Pizza. Just Eat is currently in over 13 European countries and has over 10 million Google Play downloads.

3. Wolt

Although Wolt launched in Stockholm and some other Swedish cities in 2016, it was launched in 2014 as a Finnish startup. They have many handpicked food outlets in Sweden that meet the necessary culinary necessities. Any time you’re in Sweden and hungry, Wolt is only your phone away.

4. Ryska Posten

Ryska Posten majors in organically-produced food delivery; the company usually delivers fruits, breakfast food baskets, and other tasty treats. Ryska Posten was very helpful during the coronavirus lockdown period and has gained more love, trust, and acceptance from many people since then.

5. UberEATS

So sweet for a company that started with a cab operation, which later dished out food delivery services, to have gained this much relevance. It still amazes many how UberEATS is now one of Europe’s most preferred food apps and commands a global presence. It has over 45 million users and over 100 million Google Play downloads.


The future is technology. The future is complicated, yet made easy with functional applications at our doorsteps. However, not all of these applications will be equally relevant. And regarding food ordering applications in Sweden, these are some of the best, judged by track records.

By Moore